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Maccazine is a hard copy magazine (a bound paperback book) about Paul McCartney. Published 3 times per year. As the Internet took over the world and the latest Paul McCartney news could be found on hundreds of websites, we made the decision to focus on creating a paper magazine about Paul McCartney.

We publish one timeline and two specials per year **:

  • The timeline is a 30 pages magazine (a bound paperback book) about the main Paul McCartney events during a certain year.
  • The specials are 58+ pages magazines (a bound paperback book) with a full colour cover about an event in Paul McCartney ’s career after the Beatles break up. This can be an album by Wings, solo or a concert tour for example.
  • All Maccazines are written in English and contain lots of photos and illustrations.
  • You can buy Maccazines as back issues, but as a Maccazine member you will receive the latest issues automatically at your home postal address.

Our aim is not to provide you the latest news about Paul McCartney but we want to deliver an interesting magazine with facts that have been obtained with extensive research by our editors.

** in case we publish 2 Maccazines per year, the Maccazines are extra thick

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The Macca Report rates Maccazine 5 stars:

Fabulous!!! I thought it would be a magazine like The Beatles Monthly but it is even better! It’s a bound paperback book! Well done!

– Jorrie Gracen, The Macca Report –

Fab4radio.com rates Maccazine 5 out of 5 stars!

Maccazines aim is to provide you with accurate information, interviews, rare photo’s and facts about Paul McCartney gathered by their editors through extensive research. The issues are jam packed interesting stories and events. This is a well crafted magazine. High quality bound (National Geographic style) – loaded with great research. This is a must have for Paul McCartney fans all over the world!

– Mat Burley, FAB4RADIO.com