For Sale: Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013). A Journey Through Paul McCartney’s Songs After The Beatles.

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Available via Maccazine and a MUST HAVE for Paul McCartney fans!

The history of all the Paul McCartney solo career’s songs, reconstructed in chronological order of recording, from McCartney to New. Recording dates, studios and a “who played what” section for each song. Includes 70 exclusive interviews with musicians, arrangers, producers and collaborators who worked with McCartney through the years: Denny Seiwell, Laurence Juber, Richard Niles, Richard Hewson, Alan O’Duffy, Carl Davis, Neil Dorfsman, Carlos Alomar, Jerry Marotta, Steve Holly… and many others! Foreword by Tony Clark. For this book the author did also use Maccazine as a source.

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luca perasi


REVIEW: Luca Perasi book “Paul McCartney Recording Sessions” by Edward Eikelenboom, editor of Maccazine.

Many books about The Beatles have been published over the years – maybe too many books. But every once in a while an author really delivers the goods. This is the case with Luca Perasi’s new book describing the recording process of songs from Paul McCartney’s solo career, starting with The Lovely Linda from 1969 and ending with the hidden track Scared from his latest album NEW. In 428 pages this Italian author tells the story of 383 McCartney compositions. This is not an easy story to tell, because there is still so much we don’t know. However, Luca did his very best compiling all available information – from interviews, magazines, record releases and many other sources – displaying a lot of admiration for the most successful musician in the world ever! Like this is not enough he also interviewed over 70 people who worked with McCartney during his solo career. This information is especially valuable. The Paul McCartney Recording Sessions book is not only interesting for hard core fans, but also for people who just love this brilliant music and would like to know more about it. Nice detail is the L.I.L.Y Publishing as a tribute to the beloved Linda, a woman strong enough to join a band without having any musical training and who became a very important member of Wings. I cannot say that Luca Perasi’s book is the definite book about McCartney’s solo career as there is still so much to uncover, but it is a brave and successful attempt – written with love and dedication that can only be done by someone who is a real fan indeed. “When you got a job to do, you gotta do it well” – as Paul sings in Live And Let Die. Luca, this is a job well done indeed!

TITLE: Paul McCartney: Recording Sessions (1969-2013). A Journey Through Paul McCartney’s Songs After The Beatles.

AUTHOR: Luca Perasi

PUBLISHER: L.I.L.Y. Publishing


PAGES: 440


ISBN: 9788890912214

PRICE: € 28,00 (excluding postage)


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